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Welcome to the Scotland Software online store.
This is your chance to really make a difference (to our bank balance).

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General Information

We use Kagi as our online commerce provider, in common with thousands of other developers.

Our online order forms are secure, for your protection:

  • We use industry-standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology to protect your information.
  • We also use VeriSign Digital ID, so you can verify our security certification.
  • If your browser does not support SSL, unsecure online order pages are also available.

Payment methods
You have three main options:

  • Online ordering via credit-card:
    American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Carte Blanche,
    Diners Club, Discover, Eurocard, JCB, Optima
  • Cheque (check) or money order in US currency.
  • Cash in your local currency:
    AUD (Australia), BEF (Belgie/Belgique), CAD (Canada),
    DKK (Danmark), DEM (Deutschland), ESP (Espana),
    EUR (EU), FIM (Finland), FRF (France), GRD (Hellas),
    HKD (Hong Kong), ISK (Iceland), INR (India),
    IEP (Ireland), ILS (Israel), ITL (Italia),
    KRW (Korea), LUF (Luxembourg), NLG (Nederland),
    NZD (New Zealand), JPY (Nippon), NOK (Norge),
    ATS (Osterreich), CNY (P.R. China), PTE (Portugal),
    SGD (Singapore), ZAR (South Africa), SEK (Sverige),
    CHF (Switzerland), TWD (Taiwan R.O.C.),
    GBP (United Kingdom), USD (USA)

Your credit-card statement
Our orders are processed by Kagi.
If you pay by credit-card, “Kagi” will appear on your credit-card statement.

Current exchange rates
For current currency exchange rates, visit

Processing times
Orders are usually processed within a few hours (7 days per week) for credit-card orders.
Orders via cheque (check), money order or cash can take up to 2-4 weeks to process.

Your Information
When you order one of our products (via our online order forms, which are processed by Kagi),
we receive immediate notification of your order, with the following information:

  • Which product(s) you ordered
  • How many copies of the product(s) you bought
  • Your name
  • Your postal address
  • Your email address
  • How much you paid in total
  • The date and time you placed your order
  • The payment method *

* Note that we do not receive any of your credit-card information, nor would we keep such
information on file. If you paid by credit-card, we only receive the information that you used
a credit-card rather than another method of payment. We do not receive information on which
type of card you used, your card number, expiry date, or any other such sensitive data.

You’ll know exactly what information we received, because you also receive a copy of the notification.
(The email will have the subject “Thanks for your payment”).

Here’s a sample of one of the notification emails we receive from Kagi when you place an order:

Payment fee received:
1 Quantity Payment for Nifty_Product, US 35

Registered-To: Hamish Macbeth
Email: [email protected]
Postal: 12 Any Street, Glasgow Scotland G00 1ZZ, United Kingdom
Total Amount Paid: USD 35
Date: 2001-01-20
Processed: 2001-01-20
PaymentMethod: Card

No other personal data is made available to us. Please also see our privacy policy.

Please contact [email protected] with any enquiries about your order, or
about the ordering process.


Please select a product from the list to go to the appropriate order page.

  • CSS Write Pro Action for Adobe GoLive 4+ (Mac and Windows)

We also have several downloadable freeware products available.
See the products section of the site for more information.