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Check back here regularly for updates and new software.
(Or we’ll be coming round to your house to ask why.)

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Most of the software available here is for the Macintosh platform.
The GoLive Actions and some other products are available for both Mac and Windows.

Please note that some of this software is charityware.
To find out what this means, read the Charityware page.

Software which is not distributed as charityware is either shareware or commercial.
Shareware allows you to try before you buy; you may download and use the software for a limited period
(30 days) before decided whether or not to buy it. If you decide not to buy it, you must delete the software.

For commercial software, demonstration versions will be available for download.


This site uses HTTP for downloads.
Your web browser can handle HTTP downloads, as can some FTP clients like Interarchy (Mac).

Each item has a specific download link on its page.


PageThing 2.1.1

Our much-loved (and much-favourably-reviewed) web gallery maker.
We certainly love it.

ReadMeFirst 1.1.4

A Mac OS application to create and edit ‘Read Me’ text files.
Because there aren’t enough text editors already, honestly.

AppleScript Output 1.0

A tool to help you debug your AppleScripts.
Not that your scripts ever have bugs. We’re not saying that at all.

Entourage Secretary 1.0 beta

A fabulous little application which lets you describe Tasks, Events and Notes
(for Microsoft Entourage 2001) in plain English!

Clickers 1.4 (Carbon)

A tool to help you keep count of just about anything – now for Mac OS X!
Fantastically useful and exciting. Etc.
Mini Script Editor
A development version of an AppleScript editor which compiles live, as you type.
You certainly don’t need this. Go out and get some fresh air instead.

GoLive Actions

JavaScript Actions for Adobe GoLive
Actions to add various functions to your own spectacular webpages.

CSS Write Pro Action
Specify alternate stylesheets for almost any browser/version/platform.
Make sure your visitors see your pages the way you intended.
This is a commercial product ($10).


AppleScripts for all kinds of purposes
Many editable AppleScripts for you to use, customise, and learn from.

OmniGraffle Palettes

OmniGraffle Palettes
Palettes of images and shapes to use with OmniGraffle.

REALbasic Software

REALbasic Software
Classes, Modules and Plugins for use with REALbasic 2.0 or later.

FaceSpan Scripting Tools

Comments 1.0.1
A floating tool palette for FaceSpan which helps comment and uncomment sections of scripts,
and offers automatic saving.

Dialogs 1.0
A floating tool palette for FaceSpan which automatically creates alerts and ‘about’ dialogs
for your applications. Dialogs also offers advice on wording your alert messages.


All Things Scottish
A collection of Scottish items (desktop pictures, sounds, and icons) for your Mac.
Och aye the noo. And so forth.

Desktop Pictures (Wallpaper)
Nifty desktop pictures for your PC or Mac!

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