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This section contains a series of tutorials on various software topics.
These tutorials are provided as a complimentary service to the internet community. *

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* Admittedly with the unspoken hope that you’ll then buy some of our software and make us rich

Tutorials and Information

Programming – An Introduction
Thinking about learning how to program, but not entirely sure what programming actually is?
This absolute beginner’s article will answer your questions.

Mac OS X tips
Learn to get the most out of the gorgeousness that is Mac OS X. Ahem.
AppleScript tips
Various tips, tricks and links relating to AppleScript. Hence the name.

20 Tips for GoLive 5.0
An article I wrote for CNET Builder.com. The article is hosted on the builder.com site.

Using Location Manager with Outlook Express 5 or Microsoft Entourage 2001
As the title suggests, a tutorial on using Location Manager with Microsoft Outlook Express 5.
Note: this tutorial also applies to Microsoft Entourage 2001.

HTML tutorial
A guide to getting started with HTML (the language which webpages are coded in).

LiveMotion tips
Some miscellaneous tips for Adobe LiveMotion.